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Monday, 1 June 2015

School is almost over! Let' s go on holiday!

School is over!! It has been a long year... full of good and sometimes bad things! We have learned a lot of things! But now we are tired! We deserve a great holiday!

I am going to the sea... I love swimming and sunbathing!

I have found this video on Youtube about holidays in Britain:

And you? Where do you go on holiday? Do you prefer the seaside or the mountains? Do you like visiting cities or going to the countryside? If you stay in your town during the summer holidays, what do you usually do?

Our study-tour in England! Our teacher' s suggestions

By Mrs Martino

Hello guys! Some of you are coming to England with me next month. How do you feel? Excited? Anxious? Worried?
First of all let' s see the reasons why this experience will be so important.

Why are Study Tours so important?
International study tours are a great opportunity  to combine an overseas travel and cultural experience with studies focusing on the language. Study tours emphasise experiential learning and allow students to explore new territories, cultures and people. They combine theory with real-life experience and cultural perspective.

By studying abroad you will:

  1. Meet new friends from around the world.
  2. Gain new perspectives on things they normally wouldn't have.
  3. Improve a foreign language and learn a few things they didn't already know.
  4. Learn to be more independent.
  5. Immerse themselves in a completely different culture.
Below I am trying to answer some of your questions.

Will I find it too difficult?
You can always ask for help, teachers and college staff will be always there for you.
When you learn English in an English-speaking country, you will have to use English in everyday life and this is  a very quick way to learn. You will learn in a real environment. This is a authentic education!

Will a different culture be a problem for me?
Being in a different country and having to learn different ways of behaving could be a little difficult at the beginning, but remember:  studying  and travelling abroad broadens your horizons and gives you the opportunity to know different cultures. In today’s increasingly global society, it’s very important to possess the skills to communicate across cultures.

Will it be useful for my future?
It will be very important for  your CV.
Employers look for applicants who can speak English and had some experience abroad. The fact  that you went to an English speaking country and used the language in a real context will make a really good impression. Moreover, you will get a certificate that will be very important for your CV.

Will it change my life?
You will never forget the new experience and the international friends you will make. Moreover, you will become more independent and responsible, in fact travelling without your family is a chance for you to learn to fend for yourself and to manage your own finances.

Ok, now let' s begin to pack! Are you ready?