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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Here we are!

Class I D
Hello everybody!! 
We are the class I D!
It is our first year in this school and, to describe ourselves to other students and to our teacher, we created our identity cards in English...


  1. Hi! My name is Alice. I live in Bari, in Italy. I'm eleven years old. My favourite colours are purple and light blue. My favourite subjects are English and Art. My favourite hobbies are dancing and drawing and singing. My favourite pet is dog. My favourite singer is Ariana Grande. My favourite city is New York!

  2. Hi, I am Alessandro Violante, I am ten years old. I live in Bari, in Italy and I frequent school Michelangelo. I'm tall, I've got brown hair and brown eyes. My nose is small and my mouth is pink and, I’ve got full lips. My arms are long and my legs, too. I’ve got large shoulders and big feet. I'm a sympathetic and fun guy, but also reserved ; I am studious but I also really like to play .

  3. Hello! My name is Vittoria. My nickname is vitto. I'm eleven years old. I live in Bari with mum,dad and my sister Laura. I have got straight and brown hair and brown eyes. My nose is small and thin. I usually wear t-shirt and jeans. I play basket in Angiulli. I like reading, listening to music and riding horses. My favourite colour is violet and my favourite food is pizza.I love swimming in the sea.
    I'm an happy girl!

  4. Hello! My name is Vincent and my surname is Russano. I'm eleven years old. I live in Bari, in Italy. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. My nose is regular and my mouth is normal.
    My favourite colour is red.
    My favourite subjects are Italian, Math, English, Music and Art. I am slow; I'm fast only in the running. I like soccer.
    I like so much cooking jams and cakes; my favourite cake is muffin of chocolate. My favourite band is Big Time Rush. My team is Juventus and my heros are Morata, Pogba and Dybala.
    I've got an acquarium and two beautiful parrots.
    Bye, Vincent! ;-D

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  6. Hello!My name is Bianca and my surname is Menga.I am 11 years old. I live in Bari, in the south of Italy. I am tall and thin , I have got blond and long haier and i've got blue eyes. My favourite sport is volleyball ,I practice two hours a week on Tuesday and Thursday on the field Bellavista .I like playng volleyball with my friends .I am a girl who loves to play with all :friends ,parents..I dress very simplicity : I often wear a pair of leggings , a shirt and a sweatshirt .My favourite subject are math, english ,art and italian .I have got many friends (boy and girl) but the my best friends are Greta ,Vittoria ,Nicole ,Giulia and Vincenzo ...they are very nice, funny and I love them . I am a girl cheerful and optimistic but not too much .I like travelling with my friends and my family .I have got a brother ,his name's Giulio ,my mathers name is Carla and my fathers name i Claudio they are my family ,i love them but sometimes i quarrel with my brother .I am nice with everibody .
    Bye ,Bianca

  7. Hello,
    My name is Sofia, my surname is Punzi.
    I live in Bari, my address is 300 Alcide De Gasperi street.
    I’m eleven years old. I have got brown, short and straight hair, I have got brown and big eyes and I have got a small nose.
    My favourite colour is light-blue.
    My favourite subject are art, English and P.E.
    My favourite sport is gymnastic.
    Bye bye Sofia 

  8. Hello! my name's onofrio and I'm eleven
    I live in Bari,in the south of Italy. I have got a brown and short hair, green eyes and I'm tall and thin. My favourite sport is fencing and my favourite colour is blue. My favourite subjects are english,italian,math,history, music and phisical education.
    I have a pet, its name is Lulu' and it is a beautyful parrot. His colours are blue,green,orange and black.
    My mother is Claudia and my father is Giuseppe.
    I have got a beautyful sister, her name is Beatrice and she is lovely.

  9. Hello!My name is Nicole and my surname is Fino.I'm eleven,i live in Valenzano.I have got a brown hair,brow eyes,a oval face,a normal nose and full mouth.I'm tall and thin.My birthday is 3 dicember.My avourite color is yellow.My favourite food is salad.My favourite subjects are maths,english,history,and science.My favourite sport is artistic gymnastics,I practice every day.My favourite animal is dog.I have got a little sister,her name is Fabiana,she's five.I have got a lo of friends (girl and boy).My best friends are:Bianca,Vittoria,Greta,Giulia and Maria Paola.I like sea and montain.